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Squeeze Events

Why massage?

Regardless of whether you are organizing a big concert, a football match, or a business conference, a massage before the performance will make artists, athletes, business partners more relaxed, less stressed, more focused and they’ll have a better performance. Massage has a positive effect on the entire body. Increases the metabolic rate, supports the oxygenation of tissues, also has a beneficial effect on muscles: it improves their flexibility, is good preparation for exercise, and helps prevent injuries. The massage will reduce muscle tension, allow them to relax both before and after sports or stage effort. Massage soothes anxiety and helps to fight stage fright, relaxes, and helps to calm down.

Why Squeeze?

Squeeze is a fast-growing company that offers massage services in Norway. The first clinic opened in Oslo in August 2018. Since then, several departments were opened and over 8,000 members have already subscribed. We currently have 26 active clinics in Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim.

Our company provides highly qualified massage therapists in the majority of large Norwegian cities, and in the future also other European countries. That’s why you can be ensured that the quality of the massage will always be at the highest level.

Our therapists, who specialize in varied methods and techniques, have an education that is approved by relevant associations. The company employs physiotherapists, naprapathy, osteopaths, and massage therapists. All of the therapists are experienced in massage and therapy and are qualified in many types of massage techniques and styles. We work on massage chairs and also on a classic massage table.

Do you have any questions? Do you want to know more details and talk to us? Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Daria Maria Filipowicz

Terms of cooperation

  • Squeeze’s provides a massage chair / table and all kinds of supplies needed for massage (massage oils, towels, sheets)
  • the place of the massage depends on the event in which we will participate (tent, room) – determined individually
  • the therapist works 7.5 hours (including one break 30 minutes)
  • working hours selected individually for the event
  • the massage lasts 25/50/75 minutes
  • the presence of one therapist costs NOK 8,000/ two NOK 15 000/ three NOK 20 0000
  • Squeeze’s reserves the right to hang the banner in agreement with the event administrator